Vikramshila Education Resource Society (, a Kolkata based NGO, started working in 1989 with the mission to make quality education a reality for all children in India. It reaches out to underserved and under resourced communities to make education meaningful and relevant to their lives. The organisation works with children, teachers and government systems through teacher development programmes and students' learning support programmes. Over the last 25 years it has reached out to more than 300 grassroots organisations, 30,000 teachers and several lakhs of children.

Major areas of work / projects

1. Teacher Training: in-service training; Primary and Upper Primary in West Bengal and Tripura
2. Naba Disha: Learning Centres for deprived urban children
3. Experimental Primary School: in a rural setting
4. Education to Employability: a project for High School students in collaboration with the Government
5. Quality Education in Madrasas: both Government aided and Private
6. Social Science Project: developing curriculum at the Upper Primary level
7. Library Project in Government schools: in Kolkata and in Monteswar Block in Burdwan
8. ITE in Education: in Kolkata and Hooghly
9. Early Childhood Education: curriculum development and training of resource persons
10. Research and Publications